Friday, November 27, 2015

Madonna Rebuffed By Famous Young Athlete Who Calls Her Old


Psychopathic pop star, Madonna, 59, has become obsessed with a young athlete in his mid-twenties and been making him offers of fame and fortune if he will publicly date her. The athlete is already successful in his own right, but not a global superstar. The athlete is not amused by her unwelcome advances. He has been stating to his friends that he is not interested in Madonna. The athlete has told his friends "I don't want Madonna" and "I don't want that a**" and "Madonna is acting crazy" and "she's going too far" and "she's weird" and "that b***h don't look right" and "she is shaking her old p**** at me!" (he really could have phrased that last one a bit better LOL).

Jennifer Lopez

Madonna has been bombarding him with desperate messages via a member of her crazy Kabbalah Center and it is understandably disturbing him. His friends are also mocking him over it, as she is coming off like a desperate stalker. Madonna likes to associate with young stars, as it has become a well known gimmick she uses to get her name on popular blogs and in the entertainment section of newspapers to audiences of the younger celebrity.   

Halle Berry

Said athlete does have a thing for women his age and women who are older than his age as well. He has a thing for Halle Berry, 49 and Jennifer Lopez, 45. The athlete bragged to his friends regarding Halle Berry, whom he called "luscious" and stated of Jennifer Lopez "I'd wear her out" in the bedroom. The problem is clearly Madonna. 

If people want to date others who are younger than they are, that's their business. That's not the focus of this article. However, when a person heavily pursue someone who is not interested, causing the object of their affection distress and stress with the unwanted advances, that's definitely going too far. Nobody likes a stalker. Learn to leave people alone.

Side Bar: I want to name names so badly in this article, because I think it's hilarious, but said athlete will get upset with me, so I'm gonna behave myself.