Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicago Police Officer Lied In Report After Shooting 17-Year-Old Black Teenage Boy Laquan McDonald 16 Times (Videos)

Revealing news report on the murder of Laquan McDonald is a must see:

Video has emerged of 17-year-old black teen, Laquan McDonald, being shot to death by white police officer, Jason Van Dyke, 37 on October 20, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Cop car dashcam footage shows McDonald walking down the middle of the street with what is said to be a small, 3 inch pocket knife in his hand, as officers begin to surround him. McDonald is then shot to death by Van Dyke in what is a case of cold blooded murder. McDonald was shot in the head, chest, back, arms and legs 16 TIMES at point blank range in what is unquestionably excessive force and police brutality in the form of a extrajudicial execution. Van Dyke emptied his gun shooting McDonald, then reloaded and fired some more.

Raw footage from cop car dashcam of Laquan McDonald's murder:

After the shooting, Van Dyke and his fellow officers immediately mounted a terrible cover up. They threatened witnesses to the murder, motorists that saw what transpired, "Leave or be arrested." As a result, no witness statements were taken. The police officers then went to a nearby Burger King restaurant and with no warrant demanded access to their security cameras. The cops deleted 89 minutes of footage which all relates to the McDonald murder by police officer Van Dyke. Police later claimed the system has been powered down during that time, hence no footage relating to McDonald's suspicious death being available. However, Burger King refuted police claims stating the system is never powered down.

Laquan McDonald

The cover up went even further as the official police report stated McDonald lunged at the officer, which led to him shooting him once in the chest. This was a complete lie. The police dashcam video released months after the shooting reveals McDonald did not lunge at any of the officers. He was moving away from them, when Van Dyke decided to open fire, murdering the teen.

The release of the video yesterday, which police fought against, led to widespread protests in Chicago. People are understandably upset, as the video of McDonald's murder further confirms the blatant disregard for black life among some police officers in America. The McDonald family has been given a $5,000,000 settlement by the Chicago Police Department (though they did not file a lawsuit).

Police officer Jason Van Dyke

Van Dyke has a history of abusive behavior. The ABC Eyewitness News 7 television station revealed 18 complaints were previously filed against him, but he never faced disciplinary actions. Van Dyke has 8 complaints for excessive force and in 2 of the incidents a gun was involved. There are also claims among the complaint of Van Dyke using racial slurs.

Van Dyke is currently under indictment, charged with the murder of McDonald, which is apart of an ongoing investigation in Chicago. The case is also being investigated by the FBI on a federal level. However, considering the FBI are the cover up kings, getting the truth and justice out of them will be a real battle.