Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Copyright Infringing Show 'Empire' Experiences Massive Ratings Decline Losing 4,000,000 Viewers Since Lawsuit


The copyright infringing show "Empire" mentioned in my lawsuit Aisha v. Madonna/Kabbalah Center, as being criminally stolen from my vast, PREEXISTING copyrighted catalog, has experienced a massive ratings decline since the site went public with the case. The show has lost 4,000,000 viewers (17.6 million  to 13.7 million viewers).

The "Empire" copyright was illegally sold to Rupert Murdoch's Fox (and criminally credited to that vile, insidious man Lee Daniels), a man whose company I reported to the Metropolitan Police, in what turned into the phone hacking scandal and many arrests. Murdoch has been knowingly buying stolen goods from Madonna, who illegally gained access to my copyrighted catalog via hacking and bribing workers at the copyright office (a fact the sick Kabbalah Center cult had a songwriter throw in my face over the telephone in an unwanted call).

I have no sympathy for them regarding the massive ratings decline and advertisers complaining. What kind of scumbucket trash steals things then sells said things she doesn't own. What kind of loser does something like that.


Hollywood is an industry of thieves run by criminals with ties to organized crime, such as the Italian-American mafia, whom Madonna has laundered money for in financial transactions with mafiosos. Madonna is nothing but an untalented, scumbucket thief and criminal, who should not be famous or free to roam the public, as everything she has ever put out is stolen from many writers, songwriters, producers, artists, photographers and directors. 

Recently, Madonna sent someone to threaten me over my forthcoming pharmaceutical patents to help cancer and AIDS patients. Madonna and company are threatening to destroy the company saying, "You're not going to make any money from them." Imagine that. I work on my patents day and night to help sick people and all that foul, vile demon Madonna can think about is money it will make and not the true goal of the patents which is saving lives. What an evil, ugly human being.

Side Bar: "Blackish"which is another infringing show stolen from my preexisting copyrighted catalog, that was criminally sold by Madonna, lost 33% of its viewers since I went public with the lawsuit.