Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Barack Obama's Cousin Drops Her $600,000 Farting Lawsuit Against The Police

Ironically, President Barack Obama is a lawyer, yet his cousin sued people (an ally government) for farting in her direction, in a case filed in 2014 that he knew about and did not try to stop, though based on what the lawsuit alleges, is completely frivolous. It has also cost the British taxpayer money to defend the Met Police in a case that lacked components that could reasonably be tried in court.

A report in the British press indicates, Marie Auma, the 57-year-old cousin of U.S. President, Barack Obama, who attended his inauguration in 2008, has now dropped her lawsuit against the Metropolitan Police in London, England. Auma withdrew the case this month. On September 24, 2015, the Judiciary Report branded Auma's 2014 lawsuit frivolous (President Barack Obama's Cousin Sues The Police For $600,000 For Farting On Her).

Marie Auma

Auma, who worked for the Metropolitan Police before leaving citing a "mental breakdown" stated two officers farted by her desk on separate occasions and she was given too much paperwork to do that she could not keep up with. Auma's lawsuit referred to it as bullying and harassment, but the incidents she described did not qualify for said categorization. Farting in one's direction is not litigable, as it can be classified as a prank. Auma was not threatened, slurred and or struck on the job, which would have been litigable.

Marie Auma (left) and Barack Obama (right)

Auma was one of many employees hired to communicate with victims of crime and the paperwork became voluminous, as London is a big city of 10,000,000 people. The real issue is the workload was too much for her, she began complaining and the pranks happened as a result. Auma was better suited to a different type of job of her choosing, with another kind of workload, as police work can get very stressful. It is not for everyone.