Thursday, September 24, 2015

President Barack Obama's Cousin Sues The Police For $600,000 For Farting On Her

Obama's Cousin Unable To Get Her Second Wind After Police Farted On Her

Marie Auma

Marie Auma, a cousin of U.S. President, Barack Obama, has sued the Metropolitan Police in London, England for what she states in her lawsuit is, "21st century bullying." The bizarre case has the appearance of a frivolous lawsuit, as Auma has sued over two police officers farting at her desk in separate incidents. However, you can't sue someone for farting on or at you. It is unheard of and there is no legal precedent establishing a court victory on such a petty basis.

Auma also sued stating she was not given time off to visit her brother's grave in Kenya, after a 2007 car crash. The Judiciary Report sends its condolences on the passing of Auma's brother. However, once again, one cannot sue one's employer for not giving one time off (unless one had a medical emergency at work and needed immediate treatment at a hospital to save one's life, which employers do not refuse).

There are millions of people all over the world that want specific days off work and a large number of them do not receive it, but it is not grounds for a lawsuit. To state being farted on and not being given the day off you wanted became the reason you developed mental health problems ("a mental breakdown) is shoddy. There are underlying problems in your life that created the mental health crisis. No fart has the ability to create such a psychological impact.

The lawsuit does not indicate you were hit, assaulted, called derogatory names, stalked or terrorized. It appears as though the job was too much for Auma and she was better suited to employment elsewhere. In life you can't force others to like you or show you reverential treatment. If you are unhappy with your work environment, it is best to seek employment elsewhere in a post where you can be happy with relatively less stress in your job structure.

Police work is stressful in nature, as it involves dealing with crime. And let's face it, some horrible things can happen to people of all ages in this world that requires police intervention or investigation, with the goal of prosecutorial charges.

Side Bar: People fart all over the world. It's a normal bodily function. It happens. But people who fart in elevators, I have a question for you, why can't you hold it a few seconds until you get outside. Why fart up the place in an enclosed elevator with a limited amount of oxygen available and have people wanting to pass out from the noxious gasses (LOL). This is just my personal view, but I think people should be issued citations and fines for farting in elevators (I'm kidding).


US President Barack Obama’s cousin sues the Met for £400,000 ‘after bullies broke wind beside her desk’

Wednesday 23 September 2015 10:19 BST - A cousin of US President Barack Obama is demanding £400,000 from the Met police after claiming colleagues deliberately broke wind beside her desk to make her life a misery. It was part of a campaign of “21st century bullying” that Marie Auma was subjected to when she worked at Southwark police station, a court heard.

Miss Auma, 57, who was at Mr Obama’s Washington inauguration in 2009, claims she was “belittled and humiliated” as officers and other employees harassed her and two of them deliberately broke wind beside her desk. Miss Auma is related to Mr Obama through her aunt, Kezia Obama, who is the president’s stepmother and lives in Bracknell.

Central London county court was told that the bullying started when she was refused leave to visit her brother’s grave after he died in a car crash in Kenya in 2007 and ended in her being medically retired with mental health problems. Miss Auma, of Haringey, is suing for compensation but the Met denies liability. Her barrister Lorraine Mensah told Judge Simon Freeland that Miss Auma, whose job as a civilian worker involved liaising with crime victims, had been subjected to “21st century bullying” in a string of incidents between 2007 and 2009...

There was a “culture of over- zealous, oppressive managing” of Miss Auma, who had worked as a civilian initially in the Telephone Investigations Bureau. She had also been forced to take “inappropriate” breaks, making it next to impossible for her to meet her work targets, Mrs Mensah said...