Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Did The Obama Administration Derail Hillary Clinton's Campaign By Exposing E-Mail Scandal And Pressing For The FBI Investigation

Barack Obama is a gansta (LOL)

Politics can be a dirty business, full of intrigue and scandals. Did U.S. President, Barack Obama, expose the email scandal concerning former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to benefit his vice president, Joe Biden, who is considering becoming president in 2016. The Obama administration has pushed for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate Clinton, who unwisely maintained a private, unencrypted email server that was hacked by the Communist block. Some of Clinton's emails as Secretary of State are now for sale on the black market.

Make no mistake, Obama and Biden are buds (friends). Biden has been there for Obama through much, kept his secrets and a united front even in the face of scandal and has encouraged the president for the past several years. They have their differences, but Biden has been a friend to Obama and he knows that. Don't put it past Obama to knock out Biden's potential competition in the event he decides to run, which is what his wife, Jill Biden, is in favor of him doing on the campaign trail.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

Clinton's carelessness gave the administration she was once apart of more than enough ammunition to derail her presidential bid in favor of Biden, who is more sellable to the public. Due to the FBI investigation and the negative press surrounding Clinton's conduct in not taking the proper precautions to protect American national secrets, she has drastically slipped in presidential polls and is no longer the frontrunner.

It doesn't matter what party you support, Clinton's flagrant disregard for well established government guidelines and rules regarding security is dangerous and left many wondering if she would take the same lax attitude if she were president. That's how these things are interpreted. While it would be great if America had a female president, the candidate must be on top of things and be the best of the field running for office. This is coming from a woman, if you are going to run for office, you have to get everything right and prove to the populace, especially the sexists, that you are just as capable of running the country as a man. There is no room for mistakes, especially of that nature, when you are a woman running for office in a male dominated society.


Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

Republican, Ben Carson, is the cream of the crop in the 2016 presidential election. He is unequivocally the most intelligent man to ever run for president in America. That's something the nation should be proud of and celebrate. Ironically, the loudest voice in the room, Republican, Donald Trump, is leading the pack regarding the polls. He has expressed the desire to work with Carson as a potential vice president if he is chosen as the Republican nominee and is elected.

Trump is too irascible, temperamental and impetuous. He has made offensive comments about Mexicans, women and immigrants on the whole. To be a great politician, one must learn the art of diplomacy. You have to be level headed and of good temper. The man or woman with their finger on the nuclear button cannot be hot headed, belligerent and insulting everyone. That will lead to domestic and global political offenses that could turn deadly (nuclear war, global war, civil war ect).