Monday, September 7, 2015

Jay Z Has His Lawyer File Motion In 'Big Pimpin' Copyright Infringement Case To Suppress His Violent Criminal Record That Includes Murder, Assault And Crack Cocaine Drug Dealing

Jay Z and Beyonce

Embarrassed rapper, Jay Z, via his attorney, has filed a legal document in court to suppress and exclude his extensive criminal history from the "Big Pimpin" copyright infringement case. One's criminal history and or legal track record, regarding being frequently sued for offenses, such as copyright infringement, speaks to one's lack of character. This information should be admitted in cases to aid juries in reaching verdicts, as it gives insight into the litigant's lack of character, integrity and morals.

Jay Z did these things and continues to break the law in a criminal manner in other areas, such as criminal copyright infringement, copyright infringement and fraud in defrauding people out of significant sums of money. Jay Z's also wants his net worth and assets suppressed in the case. Considering Jay Z's money is ill-gotten, first beginning with crack cocaine dealing and strong arm violence, then joining the entertainment industry and starting a label with drug money and acts of copyright infringement, it is relevant to the case.

Jay Z's extensive criminal record is public record. He is a murderer, who also stabbed a record executive in another act of violence, has committed assault and many acts of copyright infringement and fraud to gain money not due to him in any measure. However, Jay Z only wants the jury to read his fake bio, as issued by the record company, which is chock full of fraudulent achievements, gained solely via criminal copyright infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, proprietary data theft, fraud, racketeering, conversion, collusion, coercion, assault, death threats and grand theft larceny. Jay Z is not a businessman or pillar of the community. He is a criminal.

The jury and the world needs to see the real Jay Z and Beyonce (his wife) - two ignorant, greedy, unintelligent, fraudulent, fake money hungry thieves, who have been sued for and accused of copyright infringement nearly 100 times. Their careers are based solely in fraud, theft, copyright infringement and trademark infringement. They are criminals, as the law states copyright infringement is a federal and international crime. They are two vile thieves. Two music industry Madoffs.

Jay Z and Beyonce love to state that people are jealous and envious of them, trying to claim this is the root of the criticism and lawsuits against them. That's like two bank robbers robbing banks, then looking at the banks surprised when the defrauded banks take legal action to have them prosecuted and telling the banks "you're just jealous because I'm rich" when the bank robbers made the money from robbing the banks. Grow up, already and get your heads out of your butts. You two are so up your own backsides it's astonishing. I don't rate or wish to be either one of them. The only people who are jealous of or want to be them are those who either do not know their disgraceful legal histories or crazy people who ignore facts in favor of fantasy.

Another aspect of Jay Z and Beyonce's self-delusion that I find crazy is they love to talk about people not being on their level and how much money they are worth, when they have stolen the music and videos they have released for years from many people who have spoken out and or sued them over it. They are two criminals. Even Billboard ripped Beyonce for stealing many copyrights (Billboard magazine article “When Beyonce’s Inspiration Turns Into Imitation” - May 1, 2013).

Jay Z and Beyonce are kleptomaniacs, which is a sign of mental illness and is classified as a mental disorder. They have no impulse control, indicating something is very wrong. They are also suffering from another mental disorder, known as delusions of grandeur. Based on his words, Jay Z thinks he is "Bill Gates" and "Steve Jobs" all rolled into one, when he is a thieving idiot, who steals anything he can get his foul hands on, as attested by many court cases against him.

Beyonce thinks she is Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner all rolled into one, when she is not in that vocal category and did not write any of her music, opting to criminally steal it all from others, who are constantly publicly naming and shaming her and suing her for being a foul thief. This crazy farce has gone too far and is harming and defrauding many innocent people out of their assets/money.


Singer Jay Z 'asks that jury be blocked from learning about his criminal record and vast wealth' in Big Pimpin' illegal sampling trial

PUBLISHED: 20:53, 1 September 2015 | UPDATED: 23:24, 1 September 2015 - Jay Z doesn't want a jury in the upcoming lawsuit trial over his hit Big Pimpin' to know how really rich he has, or that he has a criminal record. The rapper and business mogul has filed documents asking a judge to preclude the information from the breach of copyright hearing, according to TMZ.

The husband of Beyonce Knowles claims his bank balance and his criminal past have no relevance to the action brought by the heir of an Egyptian musician who's suing over the illegal use of a flute sample in the Timbaland-produced track recorded in 1999. Lawyers for the plaintiff say that Jay Z stole the tune and therefore his criminal past is relevant to the case, TMZ reported. The judge has yet to make a ruling on the issue. A trial date has been set for October 13 in Los Angeles.