Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chris Brown Denied Australian Visa With The Option Of An Appeal

Chris Brown

As was expected due to statements made in the press, the Australian government has denied singer Chris Brown a visa to tour the nation as apart of his “One Hell Of A Nite” concert series (Chris Brown To Be Barred From Entering Australia As His Criminal Record Continues To Cost Him Tens Of Millions Of Dollars). Brown is a felon, after pleading guilty in the 2009 Rihanna domestic violence case, in lieu of serving jail time. Brown was sentenced to 5-years probation, which he completed this year.

Brown now has 28 days to file an appeal, challenging the government's statements, on why he deems he is morally fit to receive a visa to Australia. Women’s groups have been protesting his planned visit. There is also a petition calling for Brown to be barred from Australia. These events have worked against him. However, Brown is on social networking telling his fans he will be in Australia soon.