Monday, September 14, 2015

50 Cent Sued For $200,000,000 For Stealing 'Power' Television Show In Copyright Infringement Case

50 Cent keeps getting sued for stealing intellectual property, such as the headphone line he is wearing in the picture posted above

Another lawsuit has been filed against thieving rapper, 50 Cent, who is currently in bankruptcy, due to poor financial decisions, such as releasing a sex tape of a woman without consent and losing a $5,000,000 case for doing so. 50 Cent is a known entertainment industry thief, who has been sued by various people for stealing intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents. One of the worst intellectual property cases against 50 Cent, brought by electronics company, Sleek Audio, resulted in a $17,000,000 court judgment against the rapper for stealing their headphones line that was pitched to him, then slapping his failed company's name on it, SMS.

This month 50 Cent was sued by Larry Johnson, who states he wrote a manuscript in 2005 entitled "Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid" and sent it to Nikki Turner, an employee of the rapper at his company G-Unit Books. Johnson alleges that 10-years later, 50 Cent infringed his copyrighted manuscript to make the 2015 Showtime television show "Power" in which the rapper also stars. G-Unit has been hemorrhaging money in music, film and literature, with one flop after another and due to copyright infringement cases. By 50 Cent's own admission, G-Unit has lost over $50,000,000.

Johnson states there are many similarities between his 2005 copyrighted manuscript "Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid" and 50 Cent's 2015 cable hit "Power." According to the website TMZ, Johnson states his book is about the hottest nightclub in the city, where the lead character has a goatee. Johnson's pen name is "Ghost" and the main character  in "Power" is also named ghost. In Johnson's book the best friend of the lead character has a bad temper, much like Tommy on "Power." He is seeking $200,000,000 in damages, accusing 50 Cent of stealing his copyrighted manuscript.

Editorial Note: In the Aisha v. Madonna/Kabbalah Center case, I accused 50 Cent of stealing the "Southpaw" from preexisting items I authored that are under copyright. They were illegally accessed by Madonna and the Kabbalah Center via one of their hackers and used without my permission. As people who read my site and Twitter page on a regular basis know, for years I have written about boxing often (with the intent of later starting a sports company to discover new talent).

I like keeping track of what's going on in boxing because it's fun and I like to predict who will win matches and become big boxing stars, showing great potential in their early stages (I noticed recently that a lot of sports bookies are following me on Twitter, but I only write my sports predictions for fun and to sharpen/test my ability to spot talent, so I'm going to stop stating who I think will win sporting events LOL).

My parents met Ali before I was born and have been boxing fans for a long time. I was raised to love it as well. 50 Cent stole my preexisting work, it was unlawfully made into the movie "Southpaw" and I have the proof. Madonna, like 50 Cent, is a dirty savage stealing from everyone to live lavishly, full well knowing it is unethical, they are financially defrauding others and copyright infringement is a federal and international crime. Once again, Hollywood is an industry of thieves.