Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Spying On, Threatening And Blackmailing Famous Athletes, Entertainers And Judges


Madonna and her equally deranged cult  the Kabbalah Center, have been engaging in terrible conduct, such as threatening and blackmailing famous athletes, entertainers and judges. I received an item from someone with information and photos, accusing Madonna and the Kabbalah Center of having select U.S. federal judges under illegal surveillance and stating they are using the contents to get the judges to rule in their favor. This is highly illegal.

I also received word from one of my very credible sources, responsible for some of my site exclusives that later proved 100% true and correct that Madonna has been threatening and blackmailing certain celebrities into publicly doing and saying what she wants. I know who the athletes and singers are, but I am withholding their names at this time. One athlete was even issued a death threat by them if he did not post what they wanted him to on social networking, which is foul. However, it is Madonna and the Kabbalah Center's way to threaten people who don't want anything to do with them.

I also have it on good authority Madonna has been issuing nasty, vicious threats about Drake in the entertainment industry, after he accidentally embarrassed her when she kissed him on stage without permission, triggering his involuntary gag reflex (Madonna Mocked On Social Networking For French Kissing Drake Causing Him To Gag And Wipe His Mouth In Disgust). Drake needs to watch his back. Madonna is an evil, violent psychopath, who is so vile she even choked a child and likes to pay people to harm others, like a disgusting coward and loser.