Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jay Z Accused Of Threatening And Trying To Physically Attack A Journalist Who Asked Him About The Failure Of His Tidal Music Streaming Company


The Crazy Days And Nights blog has accused violent, vicious, thieving rapper, Jay Z, who has previously committed murder, of threatening and trying to attack a journalist, who asked him about the state of his failed music streaming company Tidal. The Crazy Days And Nights blog stated Jay Z had to be restrained from physically attacking the journalist. Tidal has been a touchy subject for Jay Z, who has lashed out in the press as he helplessly watched the upstart company flounder and fail.

Not long after, the introduction of Apple Music's top of the line music streaming service crushed Tidal, sending the company tanking in absolute failure. It is deserved, as Tidal is a massive rip off of the music streaming website Spotify. When Tidal was launched, Spotify balked at the arrival of their rip off. Now they are unbothered by its collapse, having outlived their greedy clone that attempted to price gouge the public, who wasn't buying it...literally.


Blind Items Revealed #8 – Mr. X

April 28, 2015 - Which A++ list rapper/mogul had to be restrained by his bodyguards after he threatened a reporter who asked him about his latest business venture’s so-so success? The reporter was probably planted by a rival music mogul, who is working on a similar venture with a much bigger company. Jay-Z/Dr. Dre