Friday, August 14, 2015

Google Reorganizes Itself Under The New Name Alphabet To Distance The Company From String Of Bad Publicity And Spying For The U.S. Government


The unscrupulous, greedy tech giant Google has announced the company will reorganize itself under the new name Alphabet. The company has been hit with a string of bad publicity for defrauding Google Ad publishers, putting Nazi concentration camps in the video game Ingress and allowing the public to tag digitally label the Obama White House "the ni**a house" and the Supreme Court "the dumb f***s." Google also illegally combs user names, passwords, financial data and other identifying items of global citizens, via the Google Maps vehicles, which resulted in a scandal in Europe.

Founder Sergey Brinn and CEO Larry Page will run the newly launched Alphabet. However, it certainly will not stem the wave of anti-trust and monopoly allegations against the company. Google has bought so many companies in numerous areas of commerce, as well as opening others in a number of business sectors, that the company is a monopoly. It affords Google the unethical ability to abuse consumers, rivals and those it does business with in the domestic and global marketplace.

Side Bar: Did you know that the U.S. government uses Google Maps cars to engage in covert activity and follow select targets they spy on. The U.S. government also uses the data the Google Maps vehicles illegally combed by driving through streets all over the world, under the auspices of taking video for geographical reasons, but in actuality, data mining your financial profile, passwords and other data directly from your wifi.