Monday, August 24, 2015

Congress Needs To Pass A New Federal Law Regarding Hackers Whose Conduct Lead To Injury Or Death

Ashley Madison website

In light of three people killing themselves after being exposed with 1,000,000 others as registrants on the adulterous website, Ashley Madison, legislation needs to be created regarding hackers conduct in this regard. There needs to be a law in America that states if a person or persons’ acts of computer hacking leads to the injury or death of others, said perpetrator(s) are eligible for 20-years to life in prison. In cases where hacks lead to mass murder, the law should state said hacker(s) are eligible for the death penalty.

There are mentally deranged, lunatic hackers actively hacking into government systems responsible for the safety and well being of citizens. There are lunatic, loser hackers who are trying to hack into airplanes. There are foul, vile hackers hacking into people’s computer based cars and trying to cause injury and accidents. This criminal behavior is completely unacceptable and totally evil.

I’ve seen certain hackers in action and have come to the realization they are mentally deranged. Something has gone wrong in how their brains are wired to think hacking is acceptable human conduct. I’ve experienced hackers breaking into protected computers I own that do work on AIDS and cancer pharmaceutical patents, with said hackers sending nasty viruses to wipe out research data on the connecting external drives and flash drives.

I’ve also seen said hackers behave like mentally deranged idiots planting viruses and Trojans designed to slow down productivity on computers doing scientific work on AIDS and cancer patents. What kind of animals and savages do something like that, trying to slow down and damage work meant to save sick people’s lives. Think about that, as it takes an extraordinary level of evil and depravity to do such a wicked thing.

I’ve also experienced hacking regarding a Hollywood cult hacker, Randy Vaughn, who is an electrical engineer, threatening to burn me alive in a house fire and targeting the power company in Florida (FPL) via hacking to send powerful electrical surges into my home. It could have caused a house fire, as computers and appliances began giving off smoke and sparks, catching on fire, in a sick hacker technique known as “electronic harassment.” The case almost ended up in court but FPL settled it.

I’ve also seen said hacker target the batteries of my laptop in a practice security experts attach to hackers, who are trying to cause a computer’s battery to overheat, burn out the computer’s hardware. Computer security experts have stated that in some cases this type of hack caused laptop batteries to explode, causing physical injury to innocent people who were targeted.

There are hackers who have broken into people's computers and email accounts and posted private nude photos, leading to innocent people committing suicide, due to public embarrassment. This is regrettable and I encourage people not to take their lives. You didn't deserve it and you can survive it.

These hackers are wimps, who become online bullies. When you take a look at court cases concerning hackers, 99% of the time they are wimpy, socially awkward, dysfunctional people, who wouldn’t win a fight in real life, so they attack people online. They sit behind computers picking on others in a cowardly way via hacking, because it makes them feel powerful. However, they are not heroes. They are villains bringing disgrace on their families, especially when they are caught.

How is any of the aforementioned criminal behavior by hackers acceptable human conduct. What greater good is there in causing the injury and deaths of innocent people. You’d have to be a sick, demonic loser to think any of those misdeeds are good. You’re screwed up in the head to be engaging in such criminality, behaving like public nuisances harming humanity with sick deeds worthy of imprisonment to the full extent the law provides.

They can whine, complain and rationalize it any way they’d like, but if at the end of the day your conduct causes loss of life, you are murderers and should be imprisoned as such. Stop being such a scourge and blight on humanity. Turn yourselves in and pay your debt to society for the harm you’ve caused people whose lives never should have been touched by your madness. People are dead because of you!