Thursday, July 16, 2015

Uber Driver In Boston Arrested For Assaulting A Female Passenger Linked To 5 Unsolved Rape Cases By DNA


Alejandro Done

46-year-old, Alejandro Done, was fired from his post as a driver with Uber, a company with no real background checks into employees to assess their suitability, after he assaulted a female passenger. Upon his arrest a few months ago, authorities discovered Done's DNA liked him to 5 unsolved rapes in the Boston area that transpired over the last decade. As a result of this discovery, Done has been charged with rape in two cases and the remaining three are currently being drafted by prosecutors.

Cab companies and taxi drivers in America, Britain and Europe have publicly complained about Uber's lax standards in selecting drivers, which has led to rapes, assaults and death threats by their employees, victimizing innocent members of the public. Tax drivers are also complaining about Uber undercutting their business and not paying standard regulatory fees. This week in Miami, Florida, police arrested an Uber driver for operating his vehicle without a valid driver's licenses.