Saturday, July 18, 2015

Did The Computer And Electronics Stolen From Chris Brown's Home Contain His Sex Tapes And Unreleased Music

The face you make when you hear your new mansion was burglarized and you remember you have sex tapes in your house

The burglary at Chris Brown's home has caused him problems in a different ways. His aunt what traumatized being held at gunpoint. He is facing  the realization his friends betrayed and robbed him. Some of the personal items stolen are irreplaceable. As published reports stated, electronics and a computer were also stolen from Brown's home.

Chris Brown's closet fully of clothes and shoes provoked jealousy among some of his friends

Aerial shot of Chris Brown's home

Brown stores his released and unreleased music on computer (masters, studio files, song ideas). This can spell big trouble for his music if there are no back-up copies of the unreleased music files. Brown also keeps private sex tapes and nude pictures of himself and others. The question is did the thieves steal a computer device holding his music, sex tapes and nude photos.