Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mariah Carey's Stylist For Las Vegas Residency Making Her Look Bad (Photos)

Mariah Carey's Las Vegas residency showcases the singer in tight, ill-fitting clothes that do not compliment her frame

New photos have been released from the first three shows of singer Mariah Carey's residence in Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesar's Palace. Not only is Carey having serious vocal trouble, forcing her to cancel a show after just one week of three performances, she has another problem - wardrobe. This residency is damaging her legacy in a serious way.

One has to wonder if Carey ticked off her stylist, as the costume choices are not flattering. The clothes and hairstyles do not suit her. There are so many other flattering choices that could have been made in regard to attire. Carey is not aging badly, as her face still looks youthful, but going out there sounding less than her best and wearing unflattering clothes will only serve to hurt her career that has already sustained damage.