Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Mother Of Blake Griffin’s Son Being Labeled A Gold Digger Over Big Child Support Payments By Two Famous Millionaire Athletes

Blake Griffin and his son Ford

During this week NBA playoff games, talented Los Angeles Clipper, Blake Griffin, 26, proudly held his cute year and a half old son, Ford Wilson Cameron Griffin, during an interview. The adorable, smiling baby boy comfortably sat with his doting dad. Ford’s mother is Griffin’s ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, 29, who was a university basketball player for USC. The two dated for a few months and she became pregnant. Cameron also has a 9-year-old son, Cole Cameron Leinart, by NFL football player Matt Leinart, 32. Both men left Cameron before the births of their sons.

Blake Griffin, son Ford and ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron

Brynn Cameron and Ford last year

Brynn Cameron's son Cole Cameron Leinart and his dad Matt Leinart

Leinart is paying Cameron $15,000 in monthly child support, the result of an acrimonious court case. Cameron originally demanded $30,000 per month. Leinart’s career hit some setbacks, but he did play for three top teams and was well compensated (Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills). Griffin earns $20,000,000 per year from his NBA salary with the Clippers and endorsements. Cameron receives even more money in child support on a monthly basis from Griffin. People online are referring to Cameron as a gold-digger for having two kids by wealthy athletes. Cameron is not taking the comments well.