Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mariah Carey Asked If She Will Lip Sync Live Residency In Las Vegas

Mariah Carey

Pop singer Mariah Carey has signed on to do a Vegas residency, meaning she will be performing night after night at a large venue. Carey’s show is entitled “Mariah Carey Number 1’s.”  When asked by the press if she will lip sync the live show, which would be wrong and false advertising, Carey stated, “I mean, I have so many overlapping parts and background vocalists and background things. There’s always some confusion and something about it, but I mean like, if there’s any confusion they’re welcome to come to my house and sing in the shower with me. It’s not a problem.” Translation: yes (LOL).

Carey debuted in 1990 with a very strong voice, rivaled by the late, great Whitney Houston, who had released her first song years prior. As the Judiciary Report has stated in the past, something happened to Carey’s voice, damaging it by her “Music Box“ album. Nonetheless, her voice was still strong, but the tone began to deteriorate. It became more nasal in sound and whispery, a sign a singer‘s voice is experiencing damage. For the past few years, Carey has cut out upper octave vocals from her live shows as she is unable to hit the notes she once did on songs such as “Vision Of Love” “Emotions” and “Can’t Let Go.” She asks the audience to sing the more challenging parts.

Things got so bad for Carey that non-singing, untalented Madonna was taking shots at her vocals, claiming hers are better by comparison, but Madonna can‘t even sing. Madonna needs to sit down and be quiet. Madonna always sounds like someone kicked her in the throat right before she starts singing. Legendary singer, Billie Holiday, also experienced vocal damage in her early forties that was noted by music historians. The damage occurred due to drug use (cocaine) and alcohol abuse. Carey is a known alcoholic who has taken drugs as well.