Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Iggy Azalea Gets Plastic Surgery To Boost Profile But Her Career Is In Trouble (Photos)

Public Turning Iggy Azalea Into The New Vanilla Ice

Iggy Azalea on the left (March 2015) and on the right (May 2015)

It's no secret a number of singers, actors and actresses have undergone plastic surgery in a bid to boost their careers. Add rapper Iggy Azalea to that list. Social networking have destroyed Azalea's career with memes that have the world laughing and not in a good way. Famous and non-famous people have been tearing her career and appearance apart. For Iggy, plastic surgery was the next natural step. Iggy previously had work done on her butt, to enlarge it like singer Jennifer Lopez, reality star Kim Kardashian and rival Nicki Minaj.

Vanilla Ice's  CD"To The Extreme" sold 15 million copies in the 1990s

Now Iggy has undergone plastic surgery via work on her chin, jawline and a nose job. However, career wise, she has greater problems. In the 1990s, Miami rapper, Vanilla Ice became a big music sensation. However, not long after he became superstar, the public began tearing him down as inauthentic and it ended his music career. It reminds me of what is happening to Iggy now. People have voiced the opinion Iggy is destroying rap. It has turned her into a novelty, which is not helpful to a music career.


Just When You Thought Iggy Azalea Couldn't Get Any Sadder...

5/18/2015 11:00 AM PDT - Time really is a funny thing, huh? It can change so many things in so very many ways: for example, that photo on the right is Iggy Azalea at last night's Billboard Music Awards, and the photo on the left is from the iHeartRadio Music Awards all the way back on March 29th! Yep, Iggy's face changed this much in just under two months. What a wacky world we live in! In an interview last night, Iggy said "I'm having an image overhaul," which seems pretty accurate. Something about her eyes looks a little different, as does her chin and jawline. Also, she added some pink to her hair!...