Monday, May 4, 2015

6 Police Officers Charged With The Death Of Freddie Gray (Video)

Six police officers in Baltimore, Maryland have been charged in the death of local 25-year-old man, Freddie Gray, who died under suspicious circumstances. Gray was minding his own business, when he was spotted by the officers. Gray became afraid and ran. The police officers engaged in a pursuit, catching and beating Gray, who had committed no crime.

As Gray was dragged to a police van, bystanders stated to officers "his leg is broken." However, a subsequent autopsy found no broken leg. The autopsy did note crushed ribs, a crushed windpipe and broken spine. Spinal injuries can lead to paralysis, rendering a patient unable to move their arms and legs. The damage to his spine that progressively became worse, likely created the illusion of a limp, broken, unresponsive leg.

Freddie Gray

Authorities tried to state Gray injured himself in the police van. However, some Baltimore police have received complains in the past for deliberately placing detainees in vans and driving recklessly in the city, speeding and then abruptly stopping, to toss arrested people around in the vehicle. It further paints a portrait of police brutality and excessive force.