Tuesday, March 24, 2015

President Obama Meddled In The Israeli Election Trying To Get Benjamin Netanyahu Kicked Out Of Office (Video)

Obama’s meddling has reached unprecedented heights in America and the world and it needs to stop. This week, a credible news report revealed Obama interfered with the Israeli national elections in a failed bid to oust Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This was wholly inappropriate. It was up to the people of Israel to decide the election, not Obama. What if a foreign head of state had meddled in Obama’s reelection bid in 2012.

In America, the Obama Administration has set terrible precedents regarding meddling at the IRS, a story the Judiciary Report broke first, which landed in Congress (IRS Says Sorry For Targeting Conservatives As Obama Denies All Knowledge Of Misconduct).

Obama also has illegal initiatives running at the FBI and CIA, targeting American citizens in violation of the constitution, for political and financial purposes. The FBI and CIA were not meant for those purposes. Obama is using the FBI and CIA to damage and attempt to destroy the businesses of Americans who speak out against him. That’s destroying America’s bottom line. Obama has privately misused the FBI and CIA to attack the businesses and finances of the wealthy, Koch Brothers, among other conservatives and Christians, who have peacefully spoken out against his political policies.


Barack Obama

As the Judiciary Report has stated before, if you live in a communist nation and speak out against the government, you know the rules that you run the risk of losing your business and potentially your freedom, as it is legally viewed as creating disharmony in said countries. However, if you live in the Western world, the law says you have freedom of speech, to speak out against the things you do not agree with, without legal penalty and financial retaliation.

However, when you have a head of state, Barack Obama, using communist rules in illegally engaging government agencies in bids at damaging and destroying outspoken political rivals' businesses and finances, what you have is a lawbreaking president committing felonies.

A man who has never built a business in his life, out of revenge, malice and spite, sees fit to damage and destroy the assets and companies of others,  who labored for years to build something meaningful. That’s a terrible thing to do. That type of arrogance deserves to be humbled by the legislature and the courts. Your conduct is eating away at the financial fabric of the nation.

The Koch Brothers

It is really hypocritical of Obama to meddle in Americans’ companies and corporations with political revenge as his agenda, while giving the FBI and CIA clearance to illegally spy, engage in unfair competition, discrimination, embezzle money, commit bank fraud, grand theft larceny, coercion, blackmail and treason. Obama gave the FBI and CIA clearance to execute these illegal initiatives and he should be legally held accountable for this misconduct.

Obama has also been meddling in the judiciary, ordering select judges not to hear cases or to rule in favor of his cronies, in legal filings that do not even name him, which is a criminal abuse of power. America has a “separation of powers” for a reason. Every nation, not just America, needs “checks and balances.” When that order is disrupted, chaos and injustice ensue.

When a power hungry president hell bent on revenge starts to interfere in the other branches of government and their respective regulatory agencies, the democracy becomes an autocracy. I sense disaster coming...