Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Iran's Ayatollah Calls For ‘Death To America’ And Obama Plays Down The Threat To The Anger Of Social Networking

Barack Obama

Iran’s Ayatollah called for “Death to America” which U.S. President Barack Obama dismissed as rhetoric, claiming he’s not serious. However, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made heated comments, without death threats, Obama became incensed and condemned it. Many on social networking are referring to it as a double standard.

Ayatollah Ali  Khamenei 

Iran is not the greatest threat to America, but the Ayatollah chanting, “Death to America” was not a compliment or something to take lightly. Former President, George W. Bush, made America a lot of enemies in the world. Obama has also made America many enemies in the world. This is culminating into something very bad for the nation, if these tensions are not eased.

A White House parody account tweet on Twitter.com

If Obama insists on interjecting himself into global situation that do not concern America, as head of state you are supposed to come up with a solution fair to all involved. However, Obama’s actions have repeatedly shown he is anti-Semitic. He does not conceal it very well.

A CNN analyst's tweet on Twitter.com

I think the Jewish people and the Arab people should be heard in these matters. Both sides should be afforded the opportunity to air their grievances and it be heard and decided in a fair manner. That’s what justice requires. Showing partiality to one side, as Obama repeatedly does, will solve nothing, only make things worse.