Friday, March 27, 2015

New FBI Director James Comey Laments The Lack Of Minority Agents But There's A Reason For That

FBI Director James Comey

The new head of the FBI, James Comey, who replaced racist, bribe taking, taxpayer money wasting former agency director, Robert S. Mueller, gave a speech recently lamenting the lack of agents of color at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Myself and others have the distinct impression black lives don’t matter at the FBI. It is how minorities have been treated by the agency and it is a black mark on the FBI's name and image.

As stated previously in the column, black agents came out on record stating the agency had the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr killed. Modern day cases such as Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, saw the agency state they would investigate, then each time corruptly pronounced there was no wrongdoing.

Martin was an underage, unarmed black teen, who was illegally stalked, confronted, harassed, then murdered by a deranged, self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman. Yet no one at the FBI saw anything wrong with that. If someone stalked, confronted, harassed and killed their unarmed, underage offspring, the FBI would ensure the perpetrators didn’t even make it to the police station. There would be no trial. The perpetrators would be dead.

Unarmed black teen Mike Brown was confronted and attacked by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown ends up bullets to the head, torso and arm, as witnesses stated he was surrendering. The top pathologist in America stated Wilson did not have to shoot Brown so many times (Top Forensic Pathologist Michael Baden States There Was No Evidence Of A Struggle Between Mike Brown And Police And He Should Not Have Been Shot So Many Times). Ferguson Police managed to turn one witness whose testimony was used in support of Wilson. Said witness now has a cushy job with the local Ferguson government. The FBI saw absolutely nothing wrong with any of this, even though many people all over America and the world did.

It was also discovered FBI investigators falsified evidence in matters that resulted in minorities being sent to prison on death row for crimes they did not commit (New Evidence Reveals The FBI Sent People To Death Row Who Were Innocent Of Crimes They Were Convicted Of). That is incredibly evil.

Innocent minority men spent years behind bars proclaiming their innocence, all because of corruption that came out of an FBI lab trying to meet arrest and conviction quotas to get more taxpayer money from Congress. None of this has helped the FBI in the eyes of minorities in America and all over the world.

As I have stated in the past, there are good law enforcement officers and bad ones as well. One can’t generalize everyone. The problem with the FBI is there are so many egregious cases that have harmed innocent minorities and resulted in injustices that people are highly suspicious of the agency. This negative image is one of the FBI’s own making. They can’t complain. Their deeds regarding minorities led the nation and the world to feel this way. There are inequities in how minorities are treated by the FBI and it is plain for many to see. It does not compel people of color to join the agency. Hence the decreased number of minorities at the FBI.