Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jay Z Promising Athletes Money And Gifts He Can’t Deliver

Jay Z

I received some credible tips this week about rapper Jay Z. As previously stated in the column, in an exclusive the site broke first, Jay Z sent Rihanna and Rita Ora after athletes for sex, as incentive to sign with his failing Roc Nation Sports. I found out this week Jay Z is also going around promising athletes in America and Britain money and gifts to sign with Roc Nation Sports. However, the money and gifts have not and will not show up, as he’s selling them pipe dreams he can’t deliver on.

Jay Z’s finances are not what they appear. His leaked credit report revealed he owes nearly $2,000,000 to creditors, on items he defaulted on. He has been borrowing money from his copyright stealing wife, Beyonce, trying to stay afloat and keep up appearances.

Furthermore, to offer women (Rihanna and Rita Ora) in this manner is illegal, as it is prostitution, unlawful in America and Britain. Make no mistake, both women have had sex with men Jay Z sent them to in bids at furthering his troubled business. Jay Z promised said non-singing trollops more songs and exposure for their careers in exchange for whoring themselves out.

You have athletes burning bridges with creative, intelligent businesspeople, buying into Jay Z’s lies and it is going to cost them a lot in the long run. Many of these businesspeople will be wary about dealing with them in the future, due to the stench and fiasco Roc Nation Sports is and the illegality behind the company, that even Forbes magazine condemned.

Once again, athletes should go with proven professionals in the sports industry, who have the experience, contacts and resources to get them the type of deals they need. At the end of the day, when Jay Z damages your career, it will also damage your life.