Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top Boxers Refuse To Sign With Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports

Beyonce looking over the shoulder of her husband Jay Z who has been sending his mistresses, Rihanna and Rita Ora to have sex with athletes as an inducement to sign with Roc Nation Sports

TMZ is reporting a number of top boxers are refusing to sign with Jay Z's newly established Roc Nation Sports. Champion, Adrien Broner, was the first to lash out against Jay Z's tactics. TMZ is now reporting three more top boxers have rejected Roc Nation Sports as well. The company is new with no understand of boxing or experience in the field.

The Judiciary Report knows for a fact that two top promoters, one in America, are angry at Jay Z trying to poach their boxers that they've spent good money developing into champions. It's greedy and disgusting. You do all the work and thieving Jay Z resorts to illegal tactics to get the profits. Forbes magazine slammed this unlawful conduct by Jay Z, who still has not learned his lesson.

It wouldn't be so terrible if Jay Z knew what he is doing, but he doesn't. He is a thief and a fraud pretending to be a manager. So much illegality goes into his business deals that it casts a wide net of trouble and legal culpability regarding all who get involved with him. Jay Z does not care about these athletes and is seeking to financially and socially exploit them. 

As the Judiciary Report has repeatedly stated in a number of past articles, boxing is a difficult and complex sport with major liability and grueling hard work for any kind of payoff. At the end of the day, Jay Z knows nothing about boxing and will damage boxer's careers with these delusions of grandeur he is operating under. Furthermore, the only fight Jay Z's had is against his sister-in-law Solange...and she won (haha).


Roc Nation Sports Rejected By Three More Boxing Champs

1/18/2015 12:45 AM PST -  Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports is trying to change the game of professional boxing ... courting three of the biggest stars in the sweet science to join RNS' exploding roster, TMZ Sports has learned. Of course, Jay recently inked boxing superstar Andre Ward and made a serious push to sign former world champ Adrien Broner ... but AB rejected the 5-year $40 million offer. 

Now, we've spoken with three other major fighters who have also been contacted by Roc Nation ... more evidence that Jay is dead serious about making a splash in the boxing world. The fighters -- who wished not to be named -- tell us that just like Broner's courting, Jay Z never personally reached out ... sending his people to make contact instead and we're told it rubbed the fighters the wrong way. 

All three fighters we spoke with tell us they ultimately turned down the Roc Nation offers ... but aren't closing the door on a possible relationship with RNS in the future. Meantime, Roc Nation Sports is still growing like crazy ... and recently signed Georgia running back Todd Gurley who's expected to be one of the first running backs selected in the NFL Draft. We reached out to Roc Nation Sports for comment -- so far, no word back.