Wednesday, January 7, 2015

12 People Killed In Paris During Terror Attack At Magazine Over Drawings Of The Islamic Figure Muhammad Which The Site Warned Against A Week Ago

Shooting victim being taken to an ambulance

A week ago on December 29, 2014, the Judiciary Report warned in the article "North Korean Government Calls U.S. President Barack Obama A 'Monkey' In Racist Slur After Sony CEOs Slur Him As Well In Computer Hacking Scandal" that, "It reminds me of people who draw a picture of Islamic figure, Mohammed, knowing it will greatly offend and inflame Muslims, leading to violence and even death, as has happened, but do it anyway. Why endanger yourself and people associated with you, trying to prove some point. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."

Fast-forward a week and a half to today in France, where 12 innocent journalists and cartoonists were mercilessly killed at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, by extremist Muslims, who are angry that the publication published cartoon drawings and controversial items about the prophet Muhammad. This is exactly what the Judiciary Report warned against over a week ago. It is the worst terrorist attack on France for the past 20-years. It is being called sophisticated and well planned out. 


Inside the Charlie Hebdo offices

As a Christian I hold my faith dear. I appreciate that we in the western world have the right to free speech, which is an important freedom, but you have to make judgment calls on what you write, if it will bring death and destruction to innocent people. It simply is not worth your life or that of anyone else. It is not fair, as we should be able to express ourselves as we choose. However, in life many things are not fair and we must be careful that our decisions will lead to the greater good and not involuntarily bring death.  

The Judiciary Report sends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of today's shooting and to the people of France as a whole. It is a lovely country. What happened to their citizens was not right. No one deserves to be killed over their opinion and expression thereof.