Sunday, December 7, 2014

Women Who Date Famous Men And Become Famous Too But Is It The Norm (Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown, Coleen Rooney And Wayne Rooney)

Chris Brown is bitter over making girlfriend Karrueche Tran famous now that they have broken up

As Chris Brown and girlfriend Karrueche Tran go through a high profile break-up on social networking, one can't help but think of the topic of women who date famous men and receive a level of fame as well. Tran has become famous from dating Brown, which did not seem like a calculated move on her part. However, she has been enjoying it and trying to capitalize on the attention.

Just like Chris took to Karrueche, so did the public. However, there are some women who date stars for the attention and money, with the ulterior motive of becoming famous as well. They try to use the famous man as a launch pad to fame, while taking their money. However, fame usually eludes them. The public can see right through those things and dislike attention seeking girlfriends of famous men.

Furthermore, it's hard enough becoming famous when you do have talent (it's often who you know, not what you know, then the public's willingness to accept you). When you don't have talent and are relying on namedropping online or in public settings the name of a famous man you're having sex with, in seeking attention or favors from the public, whilst being half naked or naked on Instagram and or Twitter, it will not make you famous or a household name. It simply doesn't work. People see that as a user trying to cheat their way to fame by having sex with someone and bragging about it..

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran
Chris Brown is angry at his break up with Karrueche, as he spent a lot of money on her, buying her a car, designer clothes, shoes, purses and even moved her into his home at one point. He single-handedly made her famous. Brown first hired Karrueche as a back up dancer, then got her modeling and acting work. Tran now has 2,300,000 followers on Instagram and 500,000 on Twitter, which is high. She also made over $200,000. Take it from someone who knows the industry well, this is not the norm. The public usually doesn't take to girlfriends of famous men this well.

Tran is pretty, but looks are not enough. She has a personality that has attracted people to her and she didn't come across as a skank trying to use Brown for fame. Dating Chris made her famous by accident. When he saw the attention she received, he tried to help her get a career as a model and actress. Now people recognize her when she is not with him.

There are many attention seeking girlfriends of celebrities online and 99% of them don't receive the type of attention from the public or press Karrueche has attracted, as their follow counts are low despite the exposure of being linked with a star and bloggers and pop culture writers are not compelled to write about them. As stated above, many girlfriends of stars are on Instagram and Twitter, some half naked, trying to become famous as well and it usually does not happen, costing their men a lot of money and string pulling in the process. At the end of the day, you can't force something on the public. Either they like it or they don't.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran 

My advice to the girlfriends of famous men, who want careers in the entertainment industry, avoid the namedropping online and intimating or bragging on social networking about having sex with them, because the public will remember it and brand you unfavorable things such as an attention seeking whore, skank and jump off (trust me, I read social networking extensively for fun and research purposes). It will damage your name and limit your career opportunities. Do something legitimate in your own right. You'll feel much better when you legitimately make it on your own. No one can take that from you.

Coleen Rooney

Case in point, Coleen Rooney, the wife of Manchester United football star, started off as his girlfriend, who was thrust into the public eye when he became a signing of the world famous team. Coleen came across as wholesome and decent with a very cute look. This made bloggers and journalists on pop culture sites want to write about and interview her for stories.

Then, Coleen became famous in her own right as a columnist, blogger, fashion designer and media personality, as the public didn't view her as some tramp online sexing a star and name dropping him for attention, with the hope of fame. They saw (see) her in her own right as a woman. Rooney has 1,200,000 followers on Twitter and has made millions in earnings.