Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Should The Statute Of Limitations Be Abolished In Criminal Cases In America As It Is In Britain In Light Of The Bill Cosby And Stephen Collins Rape Cases

Bill Cosby

Should the U.S. government abolish the statue of limitations. Nations such as Britain do not have a statute of limitations on criminal matters, operating under the premise, when a crime is discovered it should be prosecuted. In light of serious cases of rape, sexual assault and molestation, involving television stars, Bill Cosby and Stephen Collins (the latter admitted his crimes today) which are not being prosecuted due to the relatively short statute of limitations having expired, should their be a federal legislative measure to abolish it.

Stephen Collins

People are being harmed and they deserve justice. It is difficult coming forward to police as a victim of crime. It can turn your life and that of your loved ones upside down. Waiting too long does damage the preservation of evidence, but people should have the option of coming forward at any time to receive justice regarding wrongs committed against them.