Monday, December 1, 2014

Shantel Jackson Is Out Of Place And Struggling To Fit In On Nelly’s Reality Show ‘Nellyville’

Nelly and Shantel Jackson

The show “Nellyville” aired last week and to solid cable ratings for the BET network (1,000,000 viewers). Nelly lets viewers into his home in St. Louis, Missouri, where he is raising his four children. The rapper, who recently turned 40, looks as young as ever. On the show, Nelly is good with his kids and that‘s admirable.
Nelly’s look alike daughter Chanel recently lost her boyfriend Mario, who died under tragic circumstances. 

The rapper tries to comfort his daughter and helps her put things in perspective. Nelly’s new girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, 29, the money loving ex-fiancée of wealthy boxer Floyd Mayweather, tried to inquire about hooking Nelly’s daughter up with a “wholesome” young man and was rebuffed (as it‘s way too soon). She shut Shantel down (LOL). 

Nelly and Shantel Jackson

It’s evident Nelly’s daughter is skeptical about Shantel, as she’s probably figured out what many already believe, she’s after him for money and fame. Shantel has very expensive tastes, which she developed while dating Floyd “Money Is No Object” Mayweather. Shantel pretended to be sweet, but used Mayweather, taking so much from him and betrayed him in the process. It’s clear she never loved him - only his money. 

When the boxer dumped her for aborting his unborn twins and lying to him that it was a miscarriage due to him stressing her out, she ran low on funds and needed another man with money. Enter Nelly. However, the rapper has experienced financial setbacks from heavy spending and is just now getting back on his feet (this resulted in Shantel suing Mayweather for a host of things as a cash grab to live the high life again). 



Nelly has kids to take care of and their financial futures to plan for. Shantel needs to be mindful of that and respect it. Nelly cannot afford for Shantel to take from his finances for use on her infamous shopping sprees, as seen in Instagram when she was still dating Mayweather. Be nice Shantel and leave that man’s money alone.

Side Bar: Nelly recently did a funny interview and when asked "As a single dad, do you have the sex talk with your daughter?" to which he humorously responded "No! Just say 'All boys are scum.'" The rapper further stated "You know, little boys around my daughters, I'm a proud member of the NRA (National Rifle Association).