Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sexual Predators Like Bill Cosby And Stephen Collins Are Protected By Hollywood But They Should Be In Jail

Bill Cosby

Idolatry is not a good thing. People fall in love with television and movie characters and music personas that they do not truly know. Unless you know a person personally, do not vouch for them, as the entertainment industry is often smoke and mirrors. There are decent celebrities out there, who are not pedophiles, sexual predators, killers or thieves, but there are some stars who are dangerous deviants harming innocent members of the public and hiding behind celebrity to get away with it in the eyes of the law. 

Two such current examples are actors Bill Cosby and Stephen Collins. Cosby was branded “America’s favorite dad” due to his role on “The Cosby Show” which was one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. Collins was known as the wholesome pastor in charge of his church and family on the show Warner Bros show “Seventh Heaven.” 

However, in real life, these men are sick sexual predators accused of raping women. Cosby has been accused of raping and drugging 25 women, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Collins was caught on tape admitting to molesting underage girls. Neither have been arrested. Hollywood is a very cruel industry. Women and men are often forced into sex with people they do not want, in order to have or keep their career. Even underage minors are being preyed on. 

Stephen Collins
One of Cosby’s accusers, the famous, respected supermodel, Beverly Johnson, who was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue, stated she wanted to come forward long ago but, “I had too much to lose to go after Bill Cosby.” Cosby is a spiteful, vindictive man, who another famous woman, Louisa Moritz, stated threatened her into silence, with the potential loss of her career if she didn’t “keep her mouth shut” about him forcing her to perform oral sex on him. That was sexual assault. Years ago, Wendy Williams also spoke out on her radio show about the sexual assault rumors concerning Cosby and nearly lost her job over it when he contacted her station manager.

Women and men who refuse the sexual advances of people in Hollywood are blacklisted. In some cases, vindictive, spiteful industry men and women will sic private investigators, such as the now incarcerated, Anthony Pellicano, on those who reject their sexual advances, who wiretap, harass, terrorize, threaten and sometimes assault them for daring to reject a celebrity. I gave the FBI information regarding Pellicano’s terrible criminal behavior and he was arrested 4-months later and sentenced to 15-years in prison for a crime spree of wiretapping, harassment, computer hacking and identity theft that destroyed the lives of many innocent people Hollywood celebrities in their insanity paid him to cruelly target. 

There is a strain of mental illness running through Hollywood, regarding famous megalomaniac sexual predators (both male and female) stars and executives, targeting innocent people who simply want a career in entertainment. Hollywood is not a safe place for men, women or children. It is being run by a small group of mentally ill people imposing their unlawful will on innocents, in exchange for fame and money. Those who refuse are horribly targeted, terrorized, harassed, abused and spied on like dogs. 

The government has not done enough to counter this problem. Hire hands such as Pellicano have been imprisoned but certain sick celebrities and executives should be in prison and not on the streets preying on innocent people. Even children are being abused and molested in Hollywood on a regular basis. It needs to stop.