Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rapper Birdman Stops Paying His Bills In Miami In A Continuing Financial Decline


Entertainers and athletes sometimes suffer from bad planning. Rapper and Cash Money owner, Birdman, is no different. For years he flaunted his wealth with wasteful financial displays, but according to the latest report, his money problems have worsened. Birdman, real name, Bryan Williams, owes $12,447.28 in maintenance fees on his condo in Miami. He has not paid his homeowners association fees in months with reports of bounced checks. 

Considering tens of millions of dollars have flown through Birdman's hands, this was preventable. The Judiciary Report constantly advocates proper financial planning and careful spending. Birdman spent money putting mink in his cars as upholstery and on his feet, via shoes, in ostentatious purchases that quickly depreciated. He purchased a mansion in Miami and over renovated it for the area. He spent six figures on one chandelier alone and imported a fortune in marble. 

Birdman has wasted several million dollars on buying luxury cars and customizing them, for vehicles that have lost 70 percent of their worth. He has also wasted a lot of money on entourages, women and partying, to the tune of millions of dollars. That's money that could have been working for him in a sensible side business outside the industry. 

Previously, the Judiciary Report covered Birdman's financial woes that began to surface this year (Young Money Becoming Broke Money As Creditors Sue Lil Wayne And Company ). However, he like many mainstream stars believed the money would always be coming in. Making huge sums of money and continually in the business is the exception and not the rule. 


Birdman Bouncing Checks in Miami 

Monday, December 01, 2014 - For the past few months insiders have been whispering that Cash Money Records was suffering from a major cash crunch and headed toward bankruptcy. That would explain why Cash Money CEO Birdman has been bouncing checks… According to The Jasmine Brand Bryan 'Birdman' Williams has been bouncing checks to his Miami condo homeowners association and is months behind on his HOA dues. Apparently Birdman hasn't paid his HOA in over 6 months forcing the association to place a lien on his condo to the tune of $12,447.28...