Thursday, December 4, 2014

New York Police Officers Put Pregnant Black Woman In A Chokehold And Called Her Husband A 'Nig*er' (Videos Of NYPD Attacks On Pregnant Women Of Color)

"NYPD Cop Puts Pregnant Brooklyn Woman In CHOKEHOLD For BBQ GRILLING Outside!!"

Mayor of New York, Bill Deblasio, has spoken out against the use of illegal chokeholds by police. Incidents regarding New York officers engaging in police brutality and excessive force have made their way onto You Tube and various news channels in America. The public has been protesting these acts that have brutalized blacks and Latinos in New York, in the wake of the local grand jury refusing to indict police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, for killing unarmed man, Eric Garner, via the use of an illegal chokehold. 

"NYPD Yet Another Illegal Choke Hold On A 7 Month Pregnant Woman About A BBQ"

 Another incident saw officers from the New York Police Department NYPD, put a pregnant woman in a chokehold and beat her husband, calling him a "nig*er" because they were barbequing in their front yard in Brooklyn.

"Rochester, NY Police Beating Pregnant Woman"

Another case involves the NYPD beating a pregnant woman they put in a chokehold. Despite her please warning them she is pregnant and they are going to "kill" her "baby" the police brutality continued.

"NYPD officer caught on camera pushing pregnant woman to ground"

In another case a pregnant woman was thrown to the ground, put in a chokehold and tased. A woman in the neighborhood tried to help the unarmed pregnant woman and another police officer, violently pushed her to the point she fell several feet away and sustained a broken arm.