Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have A Happy And Prosperous New Year Pursuing Your Dreams

A lot of people are saying "New Year, New Me!" and some are being criticized for it on social networking. However, don't let anyone tell you things can't change for you in the New Year. There are many examples of people who saw things turnaround for them this year. I made great strides this year and I know others who have as well.

The key is to have faith that good things will happen and fight for them to happen. You can't give up on yourself or your life. So many great achievers such as German physicist Albert Einstein, American inventor Thomas Edison, African American inventors George Washington Carver, Otis Boykin, Lewis Latimer and Garrett Morgan, experienced failure, but kept going until they reached success.

 In the tech industry, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates suffered many setbacks before their companies were successful. Therefore, pursue your dreams and never give up on them or yourself. Have a happy and prosperous new year.