Monday, December 1, 2014

Darren Wilson Resigns From His Job As A Police Officer In Ferguson And Will Not Receive Severance Pay In The Killing Of Teen Mike Brown (Video)

In all of the government's pleas for peace and calm after the questionable grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri, that moved not to indict police officer, Darren Wilson, in the shooting death of teen Mike Brown, no one bothered to tell him not to go on television and inflame the situation with his callous words. Wilson did a cocky interview where he stated he would do the same thing again in killing Brown, whom he labeled a "demon." Wilson showed a complete lack of remorse in Brown's murder. He made the situation that much worse. Wilson has now resigned and will receive no severance pay according to the local mayor.


Darren Wilson

Well respected forensic pathologist, Michael Baden concluded, six shots was excessive in subduing an alleged aggressor. To this day we don't truly know what happened or what was said that led to the confrontation between Wilson and Brown because people can say anything they want to when the primary witness is dead. 


Mike Brown

However, we do know this in looking at the facts - an unarmed teenager was shot 6 TIMES and that is excessive force and police brutality. This was and is deserving of a prison sentence. Wilson did not have to kill Brown. Wilson did not have to shoot him that many times. It was not an accident. It was a deliberate execution under a hail of bullets that need not be repeated again. For every decent cop who does their job well, Wilson has made it that much harder for them and damaged race relations as well. Worst of all, a family has lost their son.