Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nelly's New Reality Show Features His Four Kids And Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Who Is Now His Girlfriend (Video)

Nelly and his four children

Missouri rapper Nelly just celebrated his 40th birthday with new girlfriend, Shantel Jackson (Nelly looks like he's 30-years-old). Jackson is the ex-fiancée of boxer Floyd Mayweather. BET paid the couple for a glimpse into their lives, via the reality show, giving the rapper/actor needed income and Jackson two things she craves, money and fame.

Nelly and Shantel going to a party

After not succeeding at becoming an actress in Hollywood, despite Mayweather's efforts to increase her profile that gave her exposure in the industry, Jackson is taking another shot at becoming a star. The new trend in Hollywood for the past few years has been people who aren't really actors using reality television as an outlet to break into the acting world.  

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather, who brought in $105,000,000 this year and is said to be worth $400,000,000, has been sued by Jackson for domestic violence and publicly disclosing her medical information, such as the fact she aborted his twin babies. Jackson seeks publicity from the reality show and a platform to tell her side of the story, not to mention, some of Mayweather's business.