Friday, August 22, 2014

Men Who Make The Mistake Of Publicly Bragging About The Number Of Women They've Had Sex With

Nick Cannon

After watching comedian/actor Nick Cannon mess up his marriage by going on the Howard Stern Show and running his mouth about his many sexual conquests, I feel compelled to inform the male public about how terrible of an idea such a thing is to any relationship or potential one.

Here's a tip for men out there, for the record, no woman is impressed with a man bragging about the number of women he has bedded. It's a massive turn off. Men would be surprised to learn, women who would date them, change their minds when they hear or read of them bragging about the number of chicks they've had sex with. Women don't want to hear that mess. 

At the end of the day, a woman wants to believe a man is decent, values sex and respects women. Any man boasting about the number of women he's had sex with or debauched sexual behavior such as orgies or threesomes, sends women the message he does not respect women or value sex and sees women as meat. 

Real women will pick up on that from your words and run from you like the plague. The only type of women who won't care about you bragging about your sexual conquests are prostitutes who want your money or if you are famous groupies who want your fame - neither of which are loyal or girlfriend/marriage material.  

I don’t know why men get on social networking and or do interviews bragging about their sexual conquests, as it pertains to people other than their spouse. When you brag about your spouse, people think that's decent. When you brag about sexing half the planet, people will think you have no morals and are a bad role model. It inevitably leads to trouble.