Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Social Networking Rallies Behind Underage Teen Jada Who States She Was Raped At A Party And The Nude Photo Posted Online


16-year-old Houston teen Jada is heavily featured in the press and on television this week, after coming forward and stating she was drugged and raped at a party, with photos of her naked from the waist down and passed out, posted on the internet. It is also being stated the incident was filmed. The inappropriate and cruel photo inexplicably began to trend on Twitter thanks to the young man she identified as her rapist, Innel. Under U.S. law, Jada is considered a minor and cannot consent to having sex. Therefore, it is rape.

No one has the right to post nude or semi-nude photos of another human being without permission. When it is a minor, it is classified as child porn. Everyone that posts that photo deserves to be indicted, arrested and jailed for posting child porn. What are some people thinking taking photos and videos of people without their permission, especially when the subject is a minor, then posting it on the internet, with others then propagating the deviant, illegal filth. 

Congress is partly to blame for this. The late Senator Arlen Specter introduced a bill in Congress entitled "Surreptitious Video Surveillance Act of 2010" that would bar, "The unauthorized video surveillance of an individual who: (1) is in an area of a temporary or permanent residence that is not readily observable from a public location; and (2) has a reasonable expectation of privacy in the area. Prohibits (with exceptions) the use of such surveillance as evidence." 

However, Congress didn't pass the bill and it has been viewed as clearance by every perverted deviant to think they are permitted to secretly film people in states of undress and upload it to the internet. It is disgusting and nasty and children are being victimized. If the aforementioned law had been in existence, people would think twice before they engaged in such deplorable conduct, as was done to Jada. 

Jada's mother and pastor

In another inexplicably development, some misguided people began to trend the hashtag #JusticeForInnel on Twitter, referring to Jada as a liar who had consensual sex with Innel. The individuals who are doing so are in their teens and twenties.

They are on Twitter ignorantly tweeting messages of support for Innel under the hastag #JusticeForInnel. They are stating Jada is lying and consented to what happened, via rape and her nudes being taken and uploaded to the internet, when the photo clearly shows a underage girl passed out in an odd, awkward position, with one of her legs strangely bent back and both legs open. Who would take a nude in that position. You'd have to be an idiot to believe someone would take a nude in that position. 

When I read things like that, I despair for the future of society. The teens tweeting support for Innel, your parents need to seriously punish you via grounding, the revocation of all internet privileges for months and immediately enroll  you in counseling. You are coming across like little criminals in the making, to justify the rape and exploitation of a minor and to mock it with the #JadaPose hashtag. To espouse support for such criminal behavior says you would do the same. 


Three teenage boys mock Jada posting a picture that is a clothed version of the "JadaPose" hashtag

The story gets worse. A spokesman for Jada's family has stated they have discovered other young girls have been victimized, "Now, we come to find out, as of yesterday, in doing further investigation into this case, it's not just Jada. There are other young girls who they've been posting pictures online having sex with these young girls also who are comatose and obviously unconscious. And so the police now are putting out a call to identify who are all these young girls who these videos and pictures by these alleged perpetrators are out there online and they're having sex with these girls who are obviously unconscious."