Monday, July 14, 2014

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez Booed Off Stage In Texas

This is a follow up to the June 26, 2014 Judiciary Report article "Joseline Hernandez And Mimi Are Clueless About Their Men On 'Love And Hip Hope Atlanta'" and the July 9, 2014 Judiciary Report article “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez Cheated On Stevie J For Several Reasons.”

In the June 26, 2014 article I wrote, "Aspiring rapper, Joseline Hernandez, 37, is using sex to get a career in music from Grammy award winning producer Stevie J, 41 (Steven Jordan). However, Stevie J is lying to her about everything. She is not McLyte, Queen Latifah or Lil Kim, who are considered legends in rap. In terms of rapping ability, Joseline, who calls herself 'the baddest chick in the game' needs a lot of work. However,  Stevie J has so blown up her already inflated ego, Joseline thinks and speaks as though she is the best ever. With all the exposure she's had through the show, she should have had a hit already, but the material she has released and her rapping style needs a lot of work."
In the July 9, 2014 article I stated “Hernandez wants to be a famous rapper, but lacks the skills to do so. She is hoping Stevie J can perform some studio trickery to make her a top recording artist.”
Several days after the articles were published to the Judiciary Report, Joseline Hernandez was loudly booed off stage in Texas while rapping and performing her routine. Her show was a disaster. This proves the point I made weeks prior in the aforementioned articles stating she is not ready to be a rapper/performer.
I was not trying to be unkind. I was just telling the truth that she needs work.
Stevie J has let his penis cloud his judgment in telling her she was ready, rather than relying on his intuition and ears as a music producer. To make matters worse, Joseline cheated on Stevie J, who cheated on her as well. Now they are both in financial problems with their fifteen minutes of fame running right down.
Look for Joseline to jump ship and find a dude with money to latch on to, while Stevie J’s career continues in free fall with tax problems and a big child support case threatening to wipe out all the money he has to his name. The state of New York is trying to enforce a court judgment of $1,300,000 in child support from Stevie J, lest they put him in jail. Then there are his other kids whose moms will be lining up for their money as well.
At the end of the day, having a nice relationship with ONE person who is decent, hardworking and not an opportunist is best, as that's real and a team effort where finances all stay in the same household benefiting parents and children. Because after the fame fades and the money is gone, for some sooner than others, the fame hungry, attention seeking women you unwisely took to the top with you, will be gone as well. Looks fade. Beauty is only skin deep. It can‘t hide an ugly heart.
Joseline Exposed - Booed Off Stage in Dallas
Saturday, July 12, 2014 - Last night shocking video of a sweaty and obviously high Joseline Hernandez began circulating online hours after she was booed off stage in Dallas…Who ever is out to get Joseline Hernandez will not take their foot off her neck.
Last week Joseline's social media accounts were hacked exposing an alleged list of famous men she slept with and last night embarrassing video of Joseline began circulating online.
In the videos Joseline is inside a recording booth spitting nonsensical rhymes, making unintelligible sounds and name checking everyone from Beyonce and Rihanna to Waka Flocka Flame and Rick Ross.
Making matters worse Dallas Love and Hip Hop fans lit up social media last night talking about how Joseline got booed off stage at Club Medusa after she got on the mic and tried to rap.