Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why Do Women Take To The Internet And Imply Sexual Things About Famous Men

Today I was on Twitter posting an article link, interacting with people and checking out the latest news to write about in the column, when I saw a tweet by a bisexual topless model to another bisexual topless model, who is her friend, about a famous sports executive, who is married with two small kids.

She spoke about her debauched behavior with the female model and then in another tweet, she tweeted at her and the famous sports executive who runs a sports company, that she should have a great time tonight with the married man. Granted, in her pictures, she definitely looks like she is high on cocaine, but still it doesn‘t mean she‘s lying (or telling the truth).

Her tweet gave a certain impression that this sports executive, who presents himself as a family man, is cheating on his wife with a nude model. When I read it I thought it was disgraceful - why would you put something like that out there on the internet, disrespecting his wife and kids. I realize being a nude model you have given up on making your parents proud in life, but why cause problems in someone else’s family, via arrogance and attention seeking. 

Another thing that is of concern, the topless model who made the tweet, has bumps on her cheeks and around her mouth indicating a form of skin breakout associated with herpes. Bare in mind, she implied she is messing with the bisexual topless model, who she is implying is messing with a married man who has two small children. 

Granted, people can post anything on social networking, stitching public figures up, but when you actually know the people involved, it will lend credence to the story. Her friend who works for the sports executive, responded to the tweet, but the sports executive did not. Whether or not she is telling the truth, why do something like that for attention. What about his wife. Why disrespect her like that. You’re trying to wreck someone’s family for some attention online. 

Some women also post things implying items about famous men, who are in a relationship or engaged. They do so for attention and sometimes to start trouble. It will cause people online to lose respect for you and think you are a thirsty groupie or prostitute.

Why do women take to the internet and post such things. It’s not a good look. People need to be vigilant with their names online and not allow people to imply things, man or woman, because after a while it becomes your public image and can cost you money and offend your significant other, family, friends and fans.