Saturday, July 12, 2014

Partying Your Career Away (Johnny Manziel)

Johnny Manziel is burning the candle at both ends

21-year-old NFL football player, Johnny Manziel, A/K/A Johnny Football, who recently signed with the Cleveland Browns, has come under fire by many for engaging in too much partying. Photos have been making their way around the internet showing Manziel partying with alcohol and loads of women. This is a shaky start to his pro-career. It also makes coaches nervous.


Manziel is always partying

The Washington Post wrote, "It's going to be really fun to watch Johnny Hungover try to play quarterback in the NFL with nightclub-baked eyes and the shakes." Former NBA star turned commentator, Charles Barkley stated, "Johnny has to understand, everybody has a cell phone. You have to be careful when you're out in public...Johnny Manziel and his friends are always taking pictures. You should never take selfies of yourself doing anything that can be considered stupid..." 


Manziel and a friend out partying and drinking

The negative effects of alcohol on athletes is well documented. It’s one thing to have a glass of wine, but drinking beer and excessive amounts is damaging. Spending time partying when you could be studying plays and training is also inadvisable. The constant partying is wasted time and energy that takes away from one's athletic ability and strength.

Manziel advertised his gambling habit with this photo he posted to Instagram titled "Casino Ballin" prompting heavy criticism from the athletic world 

Manziel is a very promising talent, but if he wants to make a big impact on the NFL, he is going to have to cut out the partying, buckle down, dedicate himself to his craft and make sacrifices. NBA basketball star, Lebron James, is a friend of Manziel’s and he needs to talk to him in an effort to try to get him to calm down before he wrecks his career and life. 

Manziel is always surrounding himself with women, a habit that's jeopardizing his health and sapping his strength. Not to mention, potential sponsors don't like seeing this type of debauched behavior.

In Britain, team managers impose curfews and strict dietary demands on football players. Former Manchester United coach, Alex Ferguson, had a clear cut policy when it comes to partying and excessive drinking. Manziel could benefit from such a regimen, lest his career crashes and burns.