Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Nielsen Ratings Scandal Confirms This Site's Previous Claims That The System Is Not Accurate


For years the Judiciary Report has insisted the Nielsen ratings systems are highly flawed and corruptible. For example, in the March 13. 2012 article "Hollywood And The Ratings Game Makes One Realize Nielson Figures Are Not An Accurate Reflection Of Viewing Numbers" the Judiciary Report stated: 

"For years the Nielson company has monitored television ratings in America, but are their results a true reflection of the nation? No. Nielson ratings are derived from boxes they send to select homes throughout America, but it does not encompass every television in the country. Therefore, how can the results be accurate. A better system is needed. Minority shows largely featuring blacks and or Hispanics, have routinely suffered in ratings and this is likely due to not enough people of color being tallied by Nielson. Blacks and Hispanics account for over 1/3 of the population in the United States. How can these markets continue to be undercounted." 

A new scandal erupted this week where it has been revealed employees of a Los Angeles radio station has been corrupting the Nielsen radio results. Another incident was reported days prior, indicating the system is corrupted and not accurate as the Judiciary Report has maintained for years.

Jay Z

The latest act of corruption occurred much in the same way Nielsen's Soundscan has been corrupted by artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna, who have used scams and hacking to inflate sales. Jay Z was famously busted a few years ago bribing select retailers to run the same copy of his CD through the cash register multiple times to create higher record sales and chart placement (Jay-Z Accused Of Faking Record Sales Again). The fraud was committed so many times due to Jay Z's acts of criminal bribery that his CD placed at number one on the Billboard Charts when it should not have, depriving other artists of their rightful chart placements. That is absolutely foul! 

The truth of the matter is Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna do not sell a lot of albums. They use payola to get their (copyright infringing) songs played every hour of the day at radio stations all over the country (which is illegal) in addition to engaging in other acts of corruption to create higher sales that simply are not real. Did you know Soundscan results can be hacked. So can iTunes.

Jay Z and wife Beyonce

Recently, when his corrupt options were narrowed, Jay Z cut a deal to give away copies of his album via Samsung, a move slammed by many, as it counted towards record sales, though he did not really sell 1,000,000, as they were all free to customers of the electronics company. Beyonce and Rihanna, both connected to Jay Z in the music industry, also pay for acts of fraud to fake and inflate sales data. Then, their publicists bombard the press with stories about them, to create an air of success. 

Madonna routinely pays select retailers to inflate her record sales. There was even an incident I unmasked online, regarding two press releases Madonna had sent out two years apart, where she added 100,000,000 copies sold to her total albums sold tally, putting it at 250,000,000. However, her current album at the time didn't even sell 1,000,000 copies in America or 1,000,000 units in the international community. Not to mention, not even the Beatles or Michael Jackson sold 100,000,000 albums in 2-years. The woman is such a fraud and so are her sales. Madonna also uses hackers the Kabbalah Center, her cult, has on staff to illegally corrupt and manipulate sales figures domestically and internationally. 



Want to know why Madonna, Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna concert tickets are so expensive? Because less and less people are buying tickets to their shows and they have to compensate for this fact by charging for one ticket what other artists would charge for ten. They've also had to alter the seating plans of various venues, roping and screening off areas of arenas to conceal the many empty seats, in vain bids to conceal the scam. To further cover up the fact that far fewer people are attending their shows than they would like the public to believe, they always announce shows are sold out for bragging rights, but you can go to any ticket agency online and many tickets will appear as available for purchase. 

The ugly truth is any artist that pays for as much publicity as Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna, bribing writer to publish flattering stories about them, faxing and emailing newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs on a daily basis, with said fake stories they want placed about themselves for press attention, should be able to sell a significant amount of albums and concert tickets, due to the sheer level and saturation of media exposure. The more people you reach, the more you sell? Wrong! You can't sell people what they don't want to buy. There's no faking success. The truth always comes out eventually. 


They are corrupting the sales system, Billboard chart records, awards shows results and the Guinness Book Of World Records with this massive, disgraceful fraud. They are modern day Milli Vanillis and the music industry's Madoffs. They are touting and bragging about accomplishments that actually do not exist. How they could lie to the public and themselves in this manner and defraud other artists is astonishing. Most people have a conscience. They clearly do not.

Sorry to break it to you, but Hollywood is smoke and mirrors. It's rigged. There have been true successes, but sadly mixed in are many frauds taking the public for a ride.