Thursday, June 5, 2014

Justin Bieber Caught Using The N-Word Again (Video)

20-year-old pop star Justin Bieber was caught using the n-word again. The first video that surfaced of a then 15-year-old Bieber using the n-word, revealed him asking "Why are black people scared of chainsaws?" Bieber replied chainsaws make the sound "Run n*gger." The video generated a lot of negative feedback against Bieber, who apologized for his words.

A new tape has surfaced from when Bieber was 15-years-old and it's worse than the first. The second video features Bieber singing his song "One Less Lonely Girl." However, instead of the actual lyrics, he mimics a parody he saw online and sings "One less lonely n*gger in the world." He also sings the lines, "If I kill you, I'll be part of the KKK, but there'll be one less lonely n*gger in the world."

Justin Bieber

The video is awful. Bieber has apologized once again. Reports have surfaced stating someone was blackmailing and trying to extort money from Bieber to keep the videos private. However, Bieber refused to pay and now they are public. The individuals who tried to extort money from Bieber should go to prison. I forgive Bieber for his statements and it is my hope he does not engage in such racist speech again. Sadly, Bieber has been believing his own hype and acting on it for years. Stars who do that inevitably fall in disgrace.