Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exclusive: Rihanna's Label And Management Angry Over Her Mean Behavior

Future and Ciara

I received a good tip that Rihanna's record label and management are angry over the nasty public social networking fights and mean acts she has been engaging in against other artists, in incidents that are unprovoked. Her sales are down and the latest scandal regarding Rihanna being nasty to fellow singer Ciara, then having sex with the latter's fiancé, Future, whose baby she just gave birth to, has annoyed her label and management. 



The label and management are in agreement, with an exasperated executive stating "not even Rihanna's fans are trying to defend what she did" to Ciara, because it looks so bad. People are siding with Ciara. Said executive involved in Rihanna's career stated of the scandal regarding Future "Rihanna needs to stop being a jerk" as it is damaging her sales and that's all the label and management care about - revenues.

Chris Brown and Ciara

However, as an industry source informed me, "Rihanna thinks she is some queen that everyone is here to serve." It's always sad and pathetic when singers take the titles "princess of pop" "pop princess" "queen of pop" and "prince of r&b" seriously. You're not royalty. Stop buying into the hype and publicity your label pays journalists and bloggers to write. You're one flop away from becoming irrelevant.