Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obama Facing Controversy Over Swapping Five Terrorists For Soldier Labeled A Deserter (Video)


U.S. President Barack Obama is facing a firestorm of controversy over a prisoner swap that was ill-advised and the incorrect course of action. The Obama Administration released five dangerous terrorists in exchange for U.S. solider, Bowe Robert Bergdahl, who has been labeled a deserter by fellow soldiers. Bergdahl went missing from June 30, 2009 to May 31, 2014. During that time he was exposed to terrorist teachings while captive. Bergdahl has been brainwashed by the Taliban and forced to adapt their customs, which makes him a danger in America. The government cannot let him run loose in the nation. What happens when he snaps. He could take out a lot of innocent people. He should be tried as a deserter and watched for the rest of his life. 

Barack Obama

The five terrorists that have been released are living in luxury in Qatar and are rejoining terrorists groups such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda. For years the Judiciary Report has adamantly been against the government freeing terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. The Judiciary Report still retains this view. Many published reports indicate an overwhelming majority of terrorists freed from Guantanamo Bay go back to terrorism. None of them should be free. They are walking time bombs in more ways than one.

Bowe Robert Bergdahl

The Judiciary Report is in favor of Guantanamo Bay being closed and the criminals in the prison being relocated to a maximum security Supermax prison in America, solely devoted to housing terrorists under austere conditions. Terrorism is so deeply contained in terrorists ho wage violent jihad against the west, containment must be a priority. Once again, no terrorists should be freed.