Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blue-Eyed Black Felon Causes A Stir On Social Networking Over His Looks (Video)

Twitter Now Has A #FelonCrushFriday
Convicted felony Jeremy Meeks, who is currently behind bars in Stockton, California, caused quite a stir online, as his mug shot received over 20,000 likes. The blue-eyed black inmate, who served 9-years in prison on arms charges, was arrested again on new gun charges, which stemmed from an FBI investigation. Meeks was rounded up in an FBI raid. As the phrase goes, "Pretty is as pretty does."

Women have been swooning over Meeks photo online, particularly his blue eyes, but it is for superficial, vain reasons. I think every eye color, blue to brown and everything in between is beautiful, none better than the other, but not everyone shares that view. I've heard women state they'd like to have a man's baby solely based on his looks (and not his character). Some women and men pick mates based on eye, hair and skin color - not because of love, then end up disappointed when subsequent children do not inherit said look. 

The way genetics works is unless you have those features yourself and or carry those specific genes, regarding one of your not too distant ancestors having those physical traits, any subsequent child will not have blonde or red hair and or blue eyes. Therefore, marry for love, not superficial reasons, so no matter what happens your marriage will be based on the right thing and has a greater chance of succeeding.

Jeremy Meeks

Women labeling Meeks their #FelonCrushFriday on Twitter and talking about how "hot" he is reveals why so many women fall for the wrong type of men, who end up breaking their hearts. Meeks is a badboy, who has made poor choices that brought those who care about him pain, as he's spent most of his adult life in prison. People need to think their choices through. Immediate gratification can result in a lifetime of regret. Avoid peer pressure and do what is right.

In response to the newfound attention Meeks stated, "I just visited my wife and she said that I blew up all over Facebook. Well I appreciate that but I just want them to know that this is really not me. I’m not some kingpin." There are a number of crimes one can be arrested for, but clearly a change is needed in Meeks' life, as he did not learn his lesson from the first time he was imprisoned and is unreformed. 

Meeks mother, Katherine Angier, stated he is "a working man" with "no gang affiliations" and "is so sweet." Parents err in coddling their children, overlooking and excusing unethical behavior, which over time becomes a pattern. Call it what it is and take a hardline with your offspring to get the message through that they are not to re-offend. 

Jeremy Meeks and his son

I'm sure growing up Meeks was taught he is special solely based on his unusual looks of being black and blue eyed and as a result felt entitled, shunning the need to achieve anything based on merit and hard work (I'm not saying all black blue-eyed people are like this, as my great-grandmother was a half Irish black woman with blue eyes and stick straight hair and never got into trouble with the law). 

Angier's son is a convicted felon, who did a significant amount of time behind bars. Tough love is needed. In general, people should encourage their children to live off their intellect and not their looks. Teach them that no one owes them anything in life and the only way they will be truly successful is hard work. Every other shortcut leads to a dead end. Build character in your children, not vanity.

Many in society have fallen afoul of the law. However, they deserve another chance in society (provided they are reformed). In those situations, the key is to become a reformed person, who forsakes a life of crime. Meeks still has not learned that lesson, as he is in prison once again. Make it worse, he has a wife and child, who have to do without him being around, while he sits behind bars. Here's hoping Meeks learns from the errors of his ways and does not re-offend. Start to make a positive contribution to society.