Friday, May 23, 2014

Married Rapper TI Caught Trying To Get With Woman On Instagram

TI, Tiny and their children

Media Take Out is accusing rapper TI of cheating on his wife Tiny. He has repeatedly cheated on long suffering Tiny, with women like Rihanna and Iggy Azalea, while fraudulently trying to play a wholesome husband and father on the reality show "Family Hustle." TI has cheated on Tiny before and during their marriage, even after all she's done for him, in helping to support him before he was famous, aiding with his career and most importantly, raising his children.

Media Take Out screencapped recent images of TI favoriting pictures of a scantily clad woman on Instagram and is stating he sent her inappropriate messages. Tiny will be hurt by his conduct, in something no woman deserves. TI is setting a bad example for his children and impressionable audiences, acting so horny towards women not his wife. It's not a good look and people don't respect it.


CAUGHT SLIPPING!!!! We Just Caught Rapper TI . . . Sending THIRSTY INSTAGRAM MESSAGES . . . To Some BIG BOOTY MODEL Girl!!! (Can You BLAME Him Tho . . . SHE BAD)

May 22, 2014: TI needs to learn the art of being SUBTLE. We caught the homie sending THIRST BUCKET messages to the lovely Crystal Renal via instagram. Maybe he's just ADMIRING the artistic photography of the photos.