Saturday, May 24, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Announces New Fight As His New Girlfriend Cheers Him On Over On Instagram

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has announced his next fight will be held on September 13, 2014, against an as yet unnamed challenger. Mayweather's impressive record sits at 46-0. Mayweather has also replaced his disloyal, deceitful fiancĂ©e, Shantel Jackson, with a woman known as Doralee “Bad Medina” who is a member of his Money Team crew. The prettiest member of the Money Team being...Justin Bieber (LOL).

Shantel Jackson

Bad Medina is Mayweather’s masseuse (is that what they call it now). As stated previously in the column, Mayweather is funding Medina's new makeup line (Floyd Mayweather Investing In Friends Businesses But Is He Making The Right Choices). He’s also funding the clothing store of Melissa Brim, the mother of his first child. Medina took to Instagram to tell the public how grateful she is for all Mayweather has done for her. Jackson and some of her social networking "followers" have taken digs at Medina over the past year, but she doesn’t care.