Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Obama Administration Being Met With Protests Domestically And Internationally


First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

The administration of U.S. President, Barack Obama, is being met with protests and petitions in America and abroad. The president’s current trips to Japan, China, Malaysia and the Philippines, has been met with protests and complaints from people of the aforementioned, respective nations. As a result, the mainstream media reports, trade talks being held by Obama are not going well. 

In America, the president's policies are being protested as well, with Obamacare receiving the brunt of the complaints. The president’s wife, First Lady, Michelle Obama, is the subject of a school petition, regarding students wanting an offer for her to speak at their graduation in Kansas, rescinded by the school board, who issued it. The petition has received 3,000 signatures. Mrs. Obama is said to have cancelled the speech. 

President Obama’s bumbling Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is being blamed for the deaths of many, via the “Fast And Furious” gun scandal, is also facing protests and petitions in America, as many want him to vacate his post. This is a trying time for the Obama administration, with two years left on the clock to make a lasting political impact.