Friday, April 4, 2014

Rihanna Angry That Drake’s Crew Hate Her

Rihanna Complaining On Instagram That Last Week People Loved Her And This Week They Hate Her


Rihanna and Drake

Items online indicate the crew of rapper Drake can’t stand arrogant, difficult singer Rihanna, who is one of his chicks (he has other girlfriends). Someone overheard members of Drake’s entourage slamming Rihanna for being mean. Regrettably for her it’s true. Rihanna has a bad name among workers at hotels, car services and video companies for her unreasonable and unkind behavior. Many who’ve had interaction with her have complained of her nasty attitude. 


Rihanna believes her own hype, created by the record label and her management. As a result, she thinks she is better than other people, when she is not. She needs to humble herself, because the same people you see on your way up are the same ones you will see on your way down. Being cruel to people in unprovoked incidents is completely uncalled for and when you fall they will not be inclined to help you.