Monday, March 3, 2014

Will Shantel Jackson Do A Tell All On Floyd Mayweather Now That She’s Lost The Luxury Lifestyle She Had With Him

Shantel Jackson (before the bad cosmetic surgery to her face) and Floyd Mayweather
After being dumped by boxer Floyd Mayweather, his former fiancee, Shantel Jackson, tweeted on Twitter that her circle of friends has become smaller. So has her funds. Will she take the desperate, disloyal route, that some gold diggers do, in divulging the private details of a celebrity’s life in a book or interview for pay, when the relationship has come to an end. 

The first class lifestyle Jackson had with Mayweather is no longer there. Jackson is the type, who loves money and luxury. She’s not the type of woman who will easily go back to a low budget lifestyle cold turkey. She's going to try to find another rich guy and as she loves the spotlight, a famous one as well. Mayweather was publicly saying he was going to get Jackson a career and make her famous. 

Jackson loved the attention that came with dating Mayweather. She was always cockily posing in pics and videos, pushing herself forward, wanting the world to see her with the famous, wealthy boxer. Her body language and facial expressions are not the look a woman has when she is in love and proud to be standing next to the man she loves. It’s the look money hungry, publicity seeking gold diggers get when standing next to the golden goose, who could potentially make them rich and famous. 

Shantel Jackson has some bad cosmetic surgery done to her face

Jackson was hanging in there with Mayweather for a big payday. However, something went wrong and they broke up. Furthermore, she cheated on Mayweather and he doesn’t play when it comes to that. If he is going to financially keep you, he expects you to keep your legs shut to other men or he will become upset. Mayweather and Jackson kept breaking up and getting back together, which is a sign something is wrong. He was looking at her looks and she was looking at his money, which has been growing. 

Any woman who truly cares about you isn’t always inquiring about and talking about money and material things and how much money you’ve made or think you will make. That’s someone sizing up your bank account to see how much of it they can get. Jackson knows how much money Mayweather has and how much his contract with Showtime is potentially worth, once all his fights are completed. That's what she's been after. No one deserves to be used for their money or fame.